During school year

Supporting your family during the busy school year

You can use I will cook for you as a meal service during the school year when you don´t have the time to cook but you still would like to keep a balanced diet for your family.

I would like to support you and your family:

  • Providing a regular dinner service every week meanwhile school terms.
  • Saving you time at the end of the day when you return home and your children ask “Whats is for dinner?”
  • Keeping a healthy and affordable food option.

A weekly dinner service to your house.I will cook for you is a homemade family meal delivery service based in Madrid and serves the Madrid city area.

I will cook for you was born to give people back their time by providing families with five nutritious, homemade dinner meals every week.
As your cook and dinner planner, every week I will do all the menu planning, grocery shopping, preparation and packaging with easy to follow serving instructions.
A variety of homemade meals cooked from scratch include: stews, soups, casseroles, roasts, pies, pasta, rice, fish, bread and desserts.
Have a look at the menu of the week online menu of the week and find out “What is for dinner?” this week.

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