For new parents

After the arrival of your  new born at home

You can use I will cook for you  as a temporary meal service during busy periods of your life such as the arrival of a new born.

I know how your life changes when you return home with your little one. Your day by day is reinvented and reorganized. Sometimes you don´t have your family close by to give you a hand when any help is more than welcome.

I would like to support you and your family during this transition:

  • Making it easier for you to settle down at home by providing you and your family with five delicious and balanced dinners  every week.
  • Saving you time by doing the dinner planning, food shopping and cooking .
  • Keeping a healthy and affordable food option  having a weekly homemade menu.

While you are rebuilding your house


You can use I will cook for you  as a temporary service during busy periods of your life such as an extension to your house.

I know how your life can change while refurbishing your kitchen and how challenging it is to keep your dinner habits during these  times.
I would like to support you and your family:
  • Providing a regular dinner service every week meanwhile your house is being extended.
  • Solving food storage problem.
  • Saving you time at the end of the day when you return to a house “underconstruction” .
  • Keeping a healthy and affordable food option  during this period of your life.

During school year

Supporting your family during the busy school year

You can use I will cook for you as a meal service during the school year when you don´t have the time to cook but you still would like to keep a balanced diet for your family.

I would like to support you and your family:

  • Providing a regular dinner service every week meanwhile school terms.
  • Saving you time at the end of the day when you return home and your children ask “Whats is for dinner?”
  • Keeping a healthy and affordable food option.

A weekly dinner service to your house.I will cook for you is a homemade family meal delivery service based in Madrid and serves the Madrid city area.

I will cook for you was born to give people back their time by providing families with five nutritious, homemade dinner meals every week.
As your cook and dinner planner, every week I will do all the menu planning, grocery shopping, preparation and packaging with easy to follow serving instructions.
A variety of homemade meals cooked from scratch include: stews, soups, casseroles, roasts, pies, pasta, rice, fish, bread and desserts.
Have a look at the menu of the week online menu of the week and find out “What is for dinner?” this week.

A penny for your thoughts…

… a loaf of bread for your testimonial


Get a delicious, wholemeal fresh loaf of bread with your first order of our Homemade family meals service in exchange of your testimonial. Some of you have already tasted it! Thanks for your testimonial :: Con tu primer pedido de nuestro servicio de comida casera para llevar te regalamos un pan casero, fresco y recién hecho a cambio de tu opinión sobre nuestra comida. Algunos de vosotros ya lo habéis probado. Gracias por vuestro testimonio!

New generations:: Los que vienen


How to teach your children how to grow their own vegetable, to cook their own food and to take care of their own health:: Cómo enseñar a tus hijos como cultivar sus propias verduras, cocinar su propia comida y cuidar de su salud.

Seasonal fruit & vegis::Frutas y verduras de temporada


We like eating and cooking seasonal. This month is time for leeks, cabbage, garlic, artichock, cucumber, kale, kiwi, lemon, clementine, orange, strawberry, grapefruit and banana:: Nos gusta comer y cocinar con productos de temporada. Este mes es tiempo de puerros, coles, alcachofas, calabacines, kiwis, limón,mandarinas, naranjas y empiezan las primeras fresas o fresones, así como bananas y pomelos.



The menu of the week

February 2017- Week nº 2



Juliana´s courgette soup recipe

Courgettes, onion, olive oil and cheese.

(Per serving: cal 108; prot 0,3g; carb 2,4g;  fat 7g; sod 42mg).






Empanadillas de la abuela

White flour, vegetable oil, salt, and water for the dough. Tuna, tomato sauce, onion, sugar and salt for the stuffing.

(Per serving: cal 336; prot 16g; carb 58g; fat 5g; sod 779mg).




Shepherd´s pie

Beef mince, potatoes, butter, olive oil, onion, leeks, carrots, celery, rosemary, tomato puree, red wine.

(Per serving: cal 685; prot 29g; carb 57g; fat 38g; sod 536mg).





Vegetable korma

Onions, garlic, fresh red chili, fresh ginger, tomatoes, orange pepper, potatoes, cauliflower, salt, turmeric, cumin, coriander, garam masala, vegetable stock, natural yogurt, single cream, fresh coriander, basmati rice.

(Per serving: cal 514; prot 16g; carb 105g; fat 6g; sod 179mg).




Roasted chicken with vegetables

Onions, garlic, chicken, potatoes, asparragus, carrots, partnips, lemon.

(Per serving: cal 514;  prot 16g; carb 105g; fat 6g; sod 179mg).





Chunky vegetarian chili

Courgettes, green pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes, red kidney beans, sweet corn, salsa, cumin, chili powder.

(Per serving: cal 186; prot 8g; carb 37g; fat 1,5g; sod 854mg).



Bread of the week


Light wholemeal bread

Wholemeal flour, white four, lemon juice, butter, salt, sugar, yeast and water.

(Per serving: Cal 350; prot 14g; carb 75g;  fat 2g; sod 67mg)