How could I help you?


I will cook for you purpose is to build a more sustainable world helping people back to their kitchens and cook. What is yours?

I will cook for you was born to give people back their time and provide families with five nutritious, homemade from scratch meal dinners every week.

We believe on the benefits of homemade from scratch meals and the importance of a family dinner around the table. 

I will cook for you is a homemade family meal service born in London and now serving Madrid area.

We do all the menu planning, grocery shopping, preparation and packaging, so you can enjoy family style meals with easy to follow serving instructions. And we do it every week.

Now we are launching our cooking class and  monthly meal planner service for those who would like to cook again from scratch. Customized to every family and at your kitchen.

So, choose below how could we help you?

Fancy some Cooking Classes?

Might you like to make peace with your kitchen and learn how to cook?

So, we are your personal kitchen trainers. Have a look to our personalized cooking classes service in English and Spanish and recover the spirit of cooking!

Maybe a Meal Planner Service?

You can cook, but you need some inspiration for the menu of the month?

Tired of listening what is for dinner tonight? So, have a look at our Monthly dinner & Shopping planner service, and get a balanced, delicious and nutritious menu plan for your family at same time you keep in a budget.

Or some Homemade Family Ready Meals?

For those who like to eat well but don´t have the time to cook. I will cook for you!

We provide you with a Homemade family meals delivery o take away service. A temporary service for families who need some support during busy periods of their life.

What ever your reason, we would love to hear from you and find out how could we help you at your kitchen.