Dinner planner

img_3857I will cook for you supports families providing them with a customized monthly menu planner service as well, so you don´t have to think about what is for dinner for the next four weeks. Isn´t it great?

We would like to give you back your time and help to save money and provide your family with a monthly seasonal, balanced and nutritious menu plan that you can cook.

Every menu planning has been made thinking on seasonal food and nutritious ingredients necessary to keep a healthy and balance diet. And you don´t have to repeat a meal in the whole month!

As your dinner planner I will prepare a balanced and nutritious monthly dinner plan with four different weekly menus which includes a varied diet like vegetables, poultry, meat, fish, fruit, nuts, dairy, eggs, rice and pasta.

You will be able to prepare five meals once per week. A variety of homemade meals cooked from scratch: stews, soups, casseroles, roasts, pies, pasta, rice and fish every week.

We can offer different menu options: vegetarian, vegan, intolerance´s menu.

Ask for the monthly menu planning service to hola@iwillcookforyou.co and start to save time and have a healthy diet. Price is 85€ (15% spring discount) for a monthly seasonal menu valid for three months.


Grocery shopping list


You can add the monthly grocery shopping list aligned with your monthly menu planning service, so you can find all the ingredients you will need to cook already in your list. 

Stop thinking about what to buy at the grocery store every week. Start to save money every month being attached to your grocery monthly shopping list and keep in a budget.

Get organized, save money, time and keep a healthy diet for your whole family.

Ask for the grocery shopping list of this season to hola@iwillcookforyou.co and save time. Price is 35€ valid for three months.