Nutritional coaching


Would you like to change your eating habits and get a healthier style of life?

Nutritional coaching is a working methodology focused on helping people to reach positive changes and to modify food and diet habits which by themselves it is difficult to change.

Therefore, through a nutritional coaching process you will identify and overcome your obstacles, create the right environment and adopt the attitude and determination needed to get the change in your eating habits, at same time that you improve other aspects of your person and style of life.

A nutritional coaching not only designs a meal plan but also positions you in the center as the main character and responsible of your own change of habits process.

In no case does nutritional coaching substitute the work of the health professional with competencies in nutrition (endocrine or nutritionist), but also complements his technical knowledge and the indicated treatment, offering the necessary support to achieve the disposition and the motivation towards change In the customer’s lifestyle.

So, this is how I could help you:

  • To facilitate and support you in the way of education about different kind of meals, how to combine them to reach a healthier life.
  • Find the right way to feed yourself through the design of exclusive and personalized programs that help you to improve your style of life.

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I have been certified as a nutritional coach by “ddf” with the code number GL20170307036080